Souad Mardem bey

Syria, 1964

Souad is a contemporary female artist who was born in Damascus; her work is stylistically inspired by her cultural origins and past just as it is inspired by her fantastical renditions of contemporary observations of day-to-day life in the Middle East. 
Raised in Beirut, Mardam Bey studied philosophy at the Lebanese University and partook in visual arts studies. It was there that Mardam Bey first began to develop herself as a painter and form the many subjects and themes which she engages with both creatively and intellectually. Today, her work reflects the life and considerations of an artist who lived not only in multiple places but who experienced multiple histories and eras.
Her unique approach to layering and contrasting deep jewel-tone colours alongside thick layers of impasto paint lends her canvases a thick visual texture. Mardam Bey has long focused on creating semi-abstract artworks while articulating complex human emotions. She includes and references the human figure architecture, fashion design, and language–both literal and symbolic. In recent years, she has considered more esoteric subjects like spirituality, and the symbolism and parables contained within the Biblical stories of Prophets Abraham, Jesus and Moses.
The artist has exhibited widely in various art galleries in the Middle East, Europe and North America. She held solo exhibitions and participated in group shows in Damascus, Cairo, Beirut, Kuwait, Paris, Montreal and Washington. She currently divides her time between Cairo and Beirut.