Taher Hamoda

Egypt, 1987

Taher is an Egyptian artist who was born in Gharbia, Egypt in 1987. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts (2009), a master’s degree (2014) and a PhD in Philosophy of Art from Alexandria University (2018). Taher is currently a lecturer at the Graphic Design Department, Alexandria University.
He has participated in several solo and group local exhibitions; some of the exhibitions include “Agenda” Exhibition at Bibliotheca Alexandrina (2012-2020), a solo exhibition at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Printed Designs Department, Alexandria University (2014), the 40th yearly exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo (2018) as well as a solo exhibition at Nokoush Gallery in Cairo (2019). Taher also exhibited his works internationally at the Egyptian Embassy in Vienna, Austria in 2016.
Collectibles of his can be found displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, the Ministry of Culture of Egypt as well as South Valley University. Other collectibles are among the private collections of individuals both inside and outside Egypt. In 2009, Taher was given the 1st place award at The Fine Arts Competition at South Valley University.