Yasmine El Hazek

Egypt, 1989

Yasmine El Hazek was born in Egypt in 1989. Over the years, Yasmine attended more than one art program in different parts of the world and holds a master’s degree in Visual Arts from a university in Florence, Italy. Starting her career from a young age, Yasmine has developed a keen interest in people and decided to devote the beginning of her artistic experimentations to portraying human beings. Inspired by all different types of faces; from humans to animals to the fantastical creatures of her own imagination, Yasmine was able to paint a wide range of expressions and moments which she both witnessed and imagined. Her novel, bold characters along with her brush strokes and the use of color all convey a political, economic, and historical heritage.

With a high attention to detail and a sense of observation along with a healthy mixture of humor, satire and empathy, Yasmine frequently roams the streets of Cairo to sketch people, their surroundings and the beauty which is easily overlooked by the street’s many passers-by. Her paintings channel the energy she feels pulsing in the streets, the people, even animals as well as the hidden fantasies of her beloved country. 

Yasmine is represented by Zamalek Art Gallery in Cairo. She held her own solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions in Egypt. Her works were also exhibited internationally in Italy, Spain, and Jordan.