Zaid Shawwa


Shawwa studied Engineering at the University of Jordan, followed by completing an MBA at the American University in Dubai. His love and interest in art started at an early age, mainly working on portraits and landscapes in a classic form and using monochrome shades mainly dictated by the use of charcoal as a medium.
With time, Zaid felt the need to free himself from the boundaries of the classic form into the more abstracted interpretation of figures and surroundings. His early paintings of this stage were abstract expressionist for the most part, relying essentially on expressing ideas in a spontaneous, subconscious and natural way without shying from the extensive use of colour and materials to convey the message behind the painting.
His style evolved into his present surrealist form that mainly combines the emotional intensity of abstract expressionism with the deconstructive nature of cubism, in a minimalist expression of the figure and its relationship with its surroundings, encounters and associations. Zaid’s paintings are based on real life moments, scrutinized and studied to create an image that reflects a feeling rather than an act. He paints using acrylic and oil, and his canvases are treated with warm underlayment, layered by cooler colours atop, allowing the glow of the warmer base to spell into the surface to portray the reality of the human soul and what lies behind it.